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Purchasing The Right ATV For Your Child

  • Chad Brooks
  • Nov 09, 2018

Before I get started on which Can-Am Youth ATV would be best for your child, I want to address a more often asked question. “Why purchase an ATV for my child?” I think a lot of people might agree with me, that a majority of today’s kids are more worried about sitting in front of their screens than they are making friends and play

can-am youth atv

ing outside. Purchasing an ATV is an extremely fun way to get your child outside and away from their TV, tablet or phone. It’s also a great way for the parents to enjoy themselves with their kids. Whether you have your own, or just go outside with them, it’s a lot more fun than watching them play video games.



Why Choose Can-Am For Your Kid’s ATV?



            The biggest hurdle that parents face after the purchase of a youth ATV, is where to get parts when something breaks. Yes, the Chinese models are a lot cheaper for you to buy, but finding parts is quite the battle. A majority of customers that bring their kid’s ATV in for repair, have purchased it online and don’t realize that there are no parts available for it. Yes, they saved money purchasing it, but it’ll be more expensive to work on when parts are practically nonexistent.

            Purchasing a Can-Am Youth ATV gives you access to a large dealer network across the country that has, or can get, youth ATV parts for the Can-Am. Can-Am stocks hundreds of thousands of parts in warehouses in Canada and the USA.


            A great question that a lot of customers ask is, “can I limit the speed my child goes until they get used to it?” The answer is YES you can with the Can-Am Youth ATV segment.  Can-Am installs a throttle screw into the kid ATV that allows you to limit the power it has. This will allow you to cap out their speed until they learn to start, stop, and ride properly.

Easy to Learn!!!

            The Can-Am Youth ATV’s use a CVT transmission with forward, reverse and neutral to make it easy to learn. In addition to that, they have an electric starter with a back-up kick start system in case the battery goes dead.


What Can-Am ATV will work for my child?

            The biggest factors to consider are age, and size of your child.  Here are some models to choose from:

can-am ds 70 youth atv


  • Driving Age: 6+
  • 4-Stroke Engine 70cc engine


can-am ds 90 youth atv



  • Driving Age: 10+
  • 4-Stroke Engine 90cc engine


can-am ds 90x youth atv


  • Driving Age: 10+
  • Youth Sport ATV
  • Upgraded Suspension & Tires
  • Aluminum Bumper and Footwells
  • 4-Stroke 90cc Engine

can-am ds 250 youth atv


  • Driving Age: 14+
  • Electric Start Only
  • 4-Stroke 250cc engine



Not sure which kid ATV will be best for your child?  Contact Brooks PowerSports today.  We'll help you choose the right model.  Call or text 717-469-4640.

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