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How Do I Purchase an ATV, UTV, or Motorcycle?

  • Chad Brooks
  • Jan 23, 2019

In our society today, purchasing a product consists of finding what you want online before ever stepping foot in a store to look at it. Whether it’s a pair of pants or a Can-Am ATV, you have the ability to research and read reviews before you even see the product in person. After you research the product, you then look to see who has the product you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s right down the street, and sometimes it’s 500 miles away. What should you do if the Can-Am ATV, UTV, or Motorcycle you’re interested in is hundreds of miles away?

can-am spyder rider


Make the dealership do the work! Call your local dealership; Or call us!


When you would like to purchase a Can-Am Spyder, Ryker, ATV, or Side-by-Side, check with your local dealer, or just call Brooks PowerSports. Don't waste your time calling from dealership to dealership.  If we don’t have the machine in stock, there are a variety of things that we can do to try and get the machine you’re looking for. And we will try our very best to get the unit of your dreams!

  1. Order one from factory, or a warehouse that holds Can-Am ATV’s, UTV’s, or 3-Wheel Motorcycles.
  2. Check with our factory rep to see if there are any machines being shipped from factory that we can have re-routed to us.
    1. Often times we can find a machine being shipped out that month that we can get added to our load and sent in.
  3. Use our locator to find another dealer that will trade with us, and have it brought in.


Why purchase from Brooks PowerSports or your local dealership?


If you plan on using Brooks PowerSports, or your local dealership, to get all of your service done, then it’s best to purchase that machine from there as well. Purchasing the unit from us allows us to know the unit better when we are servicing it.  If the unit comes from another dealer, it may have some unforseen issues. Regardless of where you purchase your machine, we’re going to make sure that we get you taken care of quickly and efficiently, so you can spend more time on the road or trail and less time in the shop!

Brooks PowerSports Customers


No matter the method of purchasing a machine, we here at Brooks PowerSports will do everything we can to match you with the Can-Am ATV, SXS, or 3-wheel motorcycle that you are searching for! Our goal is to get you the unit you’re looking for in the shortest time possible! Call or text at 717-469-4640, or email us at with any questions regarding the purchasing of your next Can-Am ATV, Can-Am Side-by-Side, Can-Am Spyder, or Can-Am Ryker.  


Call or text at 717-469-4640 and we'll help you find the Can-Am of your dreams!


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