Can-Am Ryker

The New Can-Am Ryker Model


Meet Can-Am's newest member to the 3-wheel family, the Can-Am Ryker. With the ability to give it the style you desire and a price point starting at under $8500, the Ryker motorcycle meets the demands of a lot of new riders. 


75,000 different ways to customize, including…

  • Interchangeable color panels
  • Toolless Adjustable foot-pegs
  • Toolless Handlebar Adjustments
  • A book full of accessories

3 model options

  • 600 ACE 2 cylinder – 47 HP
    • Starting at $8,499
  • 900 ACE 3 cylinder -77 HP
    • Starting at $9,999
  • Rally Edition 900 ACE
    • Starting at $10,999

Fully Automatic Transmission

  • No more paddle shifter or manual transmission!


The Ryker model is easy to drive, fun, affordable, and customizable.  Fill out the 'contact us' form to request more information about the Ryker.  Pre-order one today and be the first of your friends with a Can-Am Ryker motorcycle!