Can-Am Ryker

The New Can-Am Ryker Model


Meet Can-Am's newest member to the 3-wheel family, the Can-Am Ryker. With the ability to give it the style you desire and a price point starting at under $8500, the Ryker motorcycle meets the demands of a lot of new riders. 


75,000 different ways to customize, including…

  • Interchangeable color panels
  • Toolless Adjustable foot-pegs
  • Toolless Handlebar Adjustments
  • A book full of accessories

3 model options

  • 600 ACE 2 cylinder – 47 HP
    • Starting at $8,499
  • 900 ACE 3 cylinder -77 HP
    • Starting at $9,999
  • Rally Edition 900 ACE
    • Starting at $10,999

Fully Automatic Transmission

  • No more paddle shifter or manual transmission!


The Ryker model is easy to drive, fun, affordable, and customizable.  Fill out the 'contact us' form to request more information about the Ryker.  

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