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Getting your Personal Watercraft Ready for Summer

  • Chad Brooks
  • Feb 18, 2020

Is your personal watercraft (PWC) ready for summer fun? If you did a good job winterizing you should be ready to hit the water in no time, but if you did not you may need a few more steps to be riding the waves. Here are a few tips to make sure you have endless fun this summer.

A visual inspection and engine check should be done before every ride even throughout the season, but a preseason check over will go a long way since it will be the cleanest and driest your engine will be all year. Other than the typical checking oil, you may want to check over fuel and coolant lines to make sure there are no cracks or hardening that developed over the winter. Need help? Our service department can take care of this for you.

Speaking of fuel, you may want to drain any fuel that was stored in your craft and refill with fresh gas. You may also want to treat gas with a marine fuel treatment or stabilizer, although opinions vary on this. Some suggest that there’s no need to drain fuel but just add a stabilizer for the winter months.

Finally, it’s time to check your battery. If you’ve kept it on a maintenance charger over the winter, it should be good to go. If not, charge it now.

Once all of your equipment has been checked, cleaned, and charged, it’s a good idea to do a test run using a flush hose and factory-recommended flush attachment before hauling your personal watercraft or Jet-Ski to the dock.

Before hitting the road make sure you have all the needed safety equipment. For example, a lift jacket for driver and passengers, a Coast Guard approved B-1 fire extinguisher, an approved sound signaling device such as a whistle or horn and your emergency engine cut off lanyard.

Now that you have gone over your personal watercraft or Jet Ski from top to bottom and you have all safety equipment you are ready to hit the open water.

If you have any questions, stop by our Grantville, PA dealership, call or contact us today!

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