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Can I Use My Can-Am Spyder as a Daily Driver?

  • Chad Brooks
  • Aug 31, 2018

A question people often struggle with, when considering the purchase of a motorcycle, is whether or not they will use it enough. Can you justify your purchase? I’m here to help you with that. The Can-Am Spyder is, in my opinion, the best motorcycle for everyday use.

spyder as a daily driver


As I stated in my previous blog posts: The Can-Am Spyder is the safest motorcycle you can purchase out there. When you plan on riding something on a daily basis, or more than your vehicle, your chances of an accident increase. The Can-Am Spyder boasts 7 different car technologies, a safe Y design with 2 wheels in the front, an easy to drive semi-automatic transmission, and much more. With all of those features, your concentration can now be on having fun!

Fuel Mileage

With the new 1330, 3-cylinder engines in the Can-Am Spyder’s, you can expect to get good fuel mileage. Depending on your driving style, and speed, you might be able to expect 30-45 mpg. That, coupled with a 7.1-gallon tank and 2-gallon reserve, you’ll have more time on the road and less time at the pump!


Depending on the model you go with, the Can-Am Spyder might allow you to do more of your daily chores as well. In the Can-Am Spyder RT model you have 41 gallons of storage split between compartments in the front, rear and sides. 41 gallons is plenty of room to fit some groceries, dry cleaning, or enough for a long weekend away! The Can-Am Spyder F3 has differing storage capacities depending on the model you select. The Spyder F3 Limited has the most storage out of the F3 models. It contains 6.5 gallons of storage in the front, 14.1 gallons in the saddlebags, and 15.8 gallons of storage in the rear trunk. The rear trunk is large enough to fit 2 full size 2X helmets.

In addition to the storage in the Spyders, you can choose to add a Can-Am Freedom trailer, which is large enough to fit 2 golf bags!

To make your decision easier, there’s a couple things that you could do. Hop on our website, or Can-Am’s website to take a look at the safety training schedules. There are many dealers that have lent their units to safety courses across the country for users to try out before making any purchases! For example, we loaned some Spyder’s to the motorcycle safety course in Manheim, PA. In addition to that you can come out to Brooks PowerSports where one of our professionals will go over a Spyder, in detail, and let you take a test drive on the road, or a parking lot before deciding. Test drives are always welcome for those who have a motorcycle license. Those of you who don’t can spend time with us learning about them! Call Brooks Powersports at 717-469-4640 if you have any questions about the Can-Am Spyder’s.


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