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Can-Am Spyder or Motorcycle: Which is right for you?

  • Chad Brooks
  • Jul 02, 2018

The Can-Am Spyder provides the rider with the open air feel of a two-wheel motorcycle, but A LOT MORE SAFETY. The biggest obstacle that people have to get over when deciding on the three wheeled Spyder is what other people might think of them.

I’m currently 25 years old and ride whatever Spyder demos I can! The only thing that people say to me is, “nice bike!” or “where’d you get it?! That’s awesome!” Once that hurdle is jumped you’re on a path to safety, stability, and fun.

 I’ve never heard a Can-Am Spyder customer tell me that they didn’t like the handling or feel of the Can-Am Spyder compared to a two-wheeled motorcycle. The biggest learning curve for a two-wheeled rider is getting used to turning instead of leaning through a corner.  So, what makes it safer if you still get that motorcycle feel?


  • ABS Braking System
    • The Can-Am Spyder’s have one brake, which is located at the driver’s right foot. That single brake operates all three brakes and senses how much to apply at each wheel.
  • Traction Control
    • When you ride in the cold, or in the fall, you may hit some leaves or ice. As soon as the unit might sense side to side slip on the rear wheel, the brakes are applied and your slowed to try and keep you pointed in the right direction
  • Stability Control
    • A question I get a lot is, “Won’t it tip when I go around the corner since I can’t lean?” The answer is no. First, the suspension system will allow some roll through the corners so you don’t have to go slow. Secondly, the stability control system allows the unit to downshift and apply braking when the unit feels that you might be getting one of the front tires off the ground.
  • Dynamic Power Steering
    • The power steering technology that Can-Am uses allows riders with sore, or weak shoulder and arms to ride a lot easier. Assisting more at lower speeds, and less at higher speeds, the Can-Am Spyder makes steering as easy as it can be.
    • The ther car technologies make everyday riding easier, but don’t necessarily help with the safety features. Call or email with questions about the others!


            The wider stance on the Can-Am Spyders allows the rider to be seen easier by traffic in-front of them, and behind.  The biggest safety threat to riders today is other vehicles not seeing them on the road. Why not have a Can-Am, which is pretty much as wide as a smart car, and make things a lot safer for yourself?!? It only makes sense to me.


            Can-Am continues to make changes to, and adapt, the Can-Am Spyders to meet the demands of everyday riders. Each and every year they come out with a new Spyder, or new Spyder features to make riding easier and safer on the motorcyclists out there.

            In the 2018 models Can-Am became the only motorcycle manufacturer to adapt hand free car technologies into the Can-Am Spyder. By plugging your phone into the Spyder, the display brings up select apps and functions from your phone. This way you’re not stopping or fiddling around to bring the GPS up or change the music. Just toggle where you need to go and you’re there!


            Nobody is ever going to be able to make a motorcycle safe enough to prevent all accidents because there’s always one thing that you can’t control. That would be the other drivers on the road. Luckily Can-Am came out with a solution for all of you that want to make things as safe, and easy, as possible from your end. That’s the introduction of the Can-Am Spyder in 2007. Coming a long way since, all it will take is a test drive to change your opinions!


If you have any more questions on the new products, don’t hesitate to call or text us at 717-469-4640. You can also email us at

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