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The Benefits of Adding Lights to your ATV or UTV

  • Chad Brooks
  • Feb 16, 2018

When some one asks me if they think lights will be a beneficial add on to any ATV or UTV, I think of two instances when adding the lights would have come in handy.


The first story was from a customer of ours. He had a side by side, with minimal or no lights, and no door. One night as he was riding through the woods, he had his knee hanging out the side in a relaxed riding position. Because of the lack of lights and a door, he never saw the stump sticking out of the ground. His knee caught the stump as he was flying past, and it tore his knee apart. Of-course, when he came in to purchase his new side by side, the two things he added were sport aluminum doors, and a 41” LED light bar.



The second instance that comes to mind took place before I was even born. My dad was about 12 years old, riding his dirt bike around at night with no lights on it. As he was playing tag with one of the neighbors he caught his jaw on a low hanging clothes line behind his parent’s house. Because of the damage, he spent months with his jaw tied shut and a contraption hooked up to his face to try straighten out his jaw. That does not sound fun!



With the proper lighting, both of these instances could’ve been avoided! Today, nearly all ATV’s and UTV’s come with standard high and low beam lighting. It’s the additional lighting that can really help you see what’s out ahead, and avoid any unnecessary emergency situations. If you haven’t seen other ATV’s or UTV’s with extra LED lighting, then you’re riding on the wrong trail systems. A large portion of riders now add an LED light to their vehicle.


UTV lights

Here are a few tips to purchasing the correct LED Light Bar.



Make sure it has a Warranty!



I hear of people finding very cheap light bars on Facebook and Online fairly often. The questions I have about those is, what happens when the LED light dies, or malfunctions? Do they send you another one, or do you have to purchase one? Although Can-Am has very expensive LED lights they carry a lifetime warranty! This means that if some of the lights go out inside, a few years down the line, they’ll send the dealer a replacement light to install instead of you needing to purchase one. I know this for a fact, because we’ve already had to do it.



Make sure it’s a fully sealed LED light bar



I’ve heard of too many people purchasing the cheap LED light bars and then have issues with water getting into them during a rainstorm, or while out riding in the mud. Installing a durable, full sealed, light bar will keep the LED light shining in all conditions! In order for Can-Am to warranty the light bar that I spoke about, and send us a new one, they wanted to see that the light bar was destroyed and not able to be resold. I had to run over it 5 times with the forklift and hit it about 30 times with a sledge hammer to even get the glass to crack on the front. Talk about sealed off! Now I know why they charge what they do for the LED light bars.



Get the correct wiring and relay



When you purchase an LED light bar for your ATV or UTV, you will also have to purchase the correct wiring harness and switch. Larger lights often times mean more output for the light. A larger light would require more amps to run. Knowing the size of the light will help you know if you need a relay or not. Typically, a smaller light, like a 13.5” light would be okay working directly off of the switch that’s mounted to operate the LED light bar. A larger light, like our 41” LED light bars, require a relay to help with the amperage that the light bar is putting out. Having a light bar that has too many amps and no relay could end up melting some wires, and potentially frying more then what you want it to.



LED light bars are a blessing in disguise. They allow other drivers to see us a lot easier, help you see out further, and can help prevent accidents. Call us to order a light bar for your ATV or UTV.  If you aren't sure which lights are best for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or email us at 


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