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ATV Safety Gear Every Rider Should Have

  • Chad Brooks
  • Mar 07, 2018

In PA, the Department of Conservation, makes it mandatory that riders wear certain safety equipment on the states legal trails. Unfortunately, off of the state trails, most riders don’t follow that same safety standard. There are a few different pieces of safety gear, and clothing, that I would definitely recommend wearing on every trip on the ATV.


Long Sleeve Shirt and Long Pants



There’s a lot that can hurt your arms and legs when riding an ATV. I’ve came out of ATV rides in short sleeves and shorts, with scratches from low hanging branches, cuts or welts from the ATV in front of me throwing rocks, and leg burns from falling off, or rolling, the ATV. None of it feels good, no matter how simple and minor the damage is. Wearing jeans or other long pants, and some sort of long sleeve shirt can help prevent any damages. Also, if you’re worried about the heat, we have different “breathable” long sleeve shirts that can help. Pants are a little bit tougher, but the technology coming out today gives you a large amount of options to choose from. We should be able to find a comfortable fit.



Kids should also get in the habit of wearing chest protectors, as well as knee pads and other safety gear. It depends on what age, but most younger kids are still growing and don’t have fully developed bones yet. That can make an accident worse. Having your child wear the proper protective gear under his/ her long sleeve and pants makes a huge difference.






Having gloves, especially full fingered gloves, can protect you from a lot of damage to your hands. Not only can they keep your hands warm, and any branches or rocks from hitting them, but they can also help with calluses and sore joints. Having the proper gloves can keep your hands safe in any situation. We have gloves for summer & winter riding, as well as multiple different styles.






Keeping debris out of your eyes should be one of your top priorities when out riding! All it takes is a rock, or branch to catch your eye and you might never be able to ride again. The proper set of goggles is definitely key in a safe, comfortable ride. Here at Brooks PowerSports we deal with Scott, Fly, and EKS goggles. EKS is probably my favorite goggle out there now because of how flexible and damage resistant they are.






According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety “Helmets are about 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle deaths 2 and about 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries”. That seems like a very important fact when discussing whether or not one should wear a helmet while riding. There are so many different helmets out there, that it’s tough to know exactly which one would benefit you the most. Every helmet has a different fit, so it’s important to try something on before making a decision. Also, there are certain safety designations that a helmet must have. The minimum safety designation should be a DOT approved helmet. Safer helmets may carry an ECE designation, or a Snell certified designation. When you purchase a Snell approved helmet, you know you’re getting the best, and safest helmet, because it passes the toughest tests.


We have a fairly large collection of accessories and apparel here, so stop out and pick up some safety gear. If you have any questions about what you might need, please ask.  You can also shop from the convenience of your home at our online store.  Click to check out our limited selection of gear at our eBay store.

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