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Introducing the 2019 Can-Am Spyder lineup

  • Chad Brooks
  • Sep 25, 2018

Wow! What an exciting lineup Can Am has for their 2019 Can-Am On-Road vehicles! Not only did Can-Am lower their price points on all existing Can-Am Spyder models, but they sent a wrecking ball through their biggest barrier to entry; the price barrier! Can-Am introduced its newest member to the 3-wheel family, the Can Am Ryker. With 75,000 different ways to customize, and a price point starting at under $8500, the Ryker meets the demands of a lot of new riders. Below I will discuss the key messages from Can-Am and their newest products!

Can-Am Ryker

can-am ryker 2019 model

  • 75,000 different ways to customize, including…
    • Interchangeable color panels
    • Toolless Adjustable foot-pegs
    • Toolless Handlebar Adjustments
    • A book full of accessories
  • 3 model options
    • 600 ACE 2 cylinder – 47 HP
      • Starting at $8,499
    • 900 ACE 3 cylinder -77 HP
      • Starting at $9,999
    • Rally Edition 900 ACE
      • Starting at $10,999
  • Fully Automatic Transmission
    • No more paddle shifter or manual transmission!

I got the opportunity to test drive these new Can Am Ryker models through the Rocky Mountains in Denver, CO, and man was it a lot of fun! These Ryker models are easy to drive, fun, affordable, and customizable. The design of the front end gives you a confident feel when maneuvering around tight turns, as well as, a more realistic idea of the size of the motorcycle itself. If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to share my experience! Call 717-469-4640, or email me at My name is Chad.

Can-Am Spyder

    • Spyder RT models
      • Select Spyder RT models up to $2,300 cheaper than comparable 2018 models.
    • Spyder F3 models
      • Select Spyder F3 models up to $3,900 cheaper than comparable 2018 models.
  • New colorations!! (Varies by Model)
    • Phoenix Orange Metallic
    • Liquid Titanium
    • Existing colors available...
      • Steel Black Metallic and Monolith Black Satin
      • Oxford Blue Metallic
      • Pearl White

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